Monday, March 26, 2012

Pain in the Ass Treasures

1. Fully loaded treasure chest magnetically adhered to distant ceiling
2. Pot of gold magically suspended over yawning chasm
3. Platinum meteorite beckons from bottom of monster-infested subterranean lake
4. Famous magic spear sticking out of understandably irritated tyrannosaur
5. Bejewelled statue stored at bottom of deep spiked pit
6. Diamond-studded earring adorning ear of giant ape monarch
7. Fancy jewelled collar on attack-trained wyvern
8. Adamant statue brandishing powerful artifact in unshakable grip
9. Huge diamond on rocky outcropping in center of vast lava pool
10. Fire giant lord w/platinum dental grill
11. Tirelessly animate solid gold cheetah running loose
12. Jewels scattered over beach patrolled by amphibious orca


  1. These are really great! My trouble is, if I don't use them right away, or make copies myself, they get buried by subsequent entries. Maybe you could make quarterly .pdfs or an index; what do you think?

  2. Thanks Andrew. In a time not-too-distant, I hope to relieve your touble. I'm still cogitating/procrastinating on how to go about doing something along the lines of what you suggest. I certainly appreciate the suggestion!

    1. And I second it,if you were to make a 'zine like Zogorion (which was fantastic, by the way, and well worth picking up) out of it that would be amazing and you could count on picking up a copy!

  3. These remind me of the Ilhiedrin book. Nice work.

  4. Yea - I'd buy a book of these, without hesitation.

  5. "11. Tirelessly animate solid gold cheetah running loose"

    Ow. Ow ow ow ow. Laughing so hard. This is brilliant.
    The beach of jewels reminds me of Sindbad's first voyage with the valley of jewels...

  6. I can see a gold cheetah hunt coming up in my campaign

  7. A hair-trigger atomic bomb with a single gold piece resting on its Explode button.

  8. And I'd like the second the request for a PDF. Hell, I'd toss in a couple of bucks for one!