Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weird Underworld Locales

1. The Invisible City
2. Fungus Island on the Sea of Protoplasm
3. The Halls of Tedium (devoid of both monsters and treasure)
4. Divine Singularity (The Swollen God has gone supernova and collapsed)
5. Worm land: ruled by the immortal Lord Fluke
6. Pocket solar system in 0-G spherical cavern
7. The University of Madness
8. Time-slip River: upstream = back in time and vice versa
9. Dissolute Sea: entropic demi-matter, adamant-hulled vessel required
10. Hidden Retreat of the Blind Cave Philosophers: perpetually debating the laws of chaos
11. Spirit cauldron: boiling over with spiritual remnants and fragmented files
12. Fertile chasm: seething chaos-fueled engine of creation continuously spews forth novel life forms


  1. Fungus Island sounds like something I saw on the floor of our junior high school showers.

  2. That's just gross, Mr. Vulmea. Now march down to the assistant principal's office and see if he finds your remarks amusing!