Friday, March 2, 2012

Quick Cultural Quirks: The Barbarian

1. Cycle of moon dictates bathing schedule
2. Strong oral tradition = a monotonous chant for every occasion
3. Ritual smoking of the pipe before, during or after just about every activity (special equipment: pipe holster)
4. Belief that monies are essentially unsavory, must be spent as quickly as gained
5. Will only fight to the death, easily insulted to boot
6. Blood-bond ritual mandatory for all true comrades-at-arms
7. Minor self-mutilation as penance for surviving defeat
8. Once a blade is drawn, it is dishonored by returning to sheath unbloodied
9. Shades of fallen foes haunt the victor forever: attributes all misfortune to shade interference
10. Only a fortnightly naked moon dance lasting several hours can control bad juju build-up
11. Driven to continually challenge others to athletic competitions
12. Native tongue composed of animalistic hoots and hollers (battle-cry: chimp-like shrieking)


  1. So this is where Furries come from!

  2. Oh, man. Numbers 7 and 9 are perfect for the Gnoll witch doctor I'm playing in an AD&D 2e game.

    Consider them horked!

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    Baby Bat: I can only speculate as to what you mean!
    Justin: Hork away with my compliments.