Sunday, February 19, 2012

Strange Doings in the Rain Forest

1. Luminous mosquito-like jungle spirits: suck the spells from magic-users
2. The understandably Lost City of Myopia
3. Silken meeting hall of the giant spider collective
4. Bio-sorceress' expedition to catalog extant species: mobile laboratory tests for arcane applications of discoveries
5. The Canopy Highway: thatched, lashed and magically preserved untold centuries ago by vanished race of arboreal engineers
6. Hidden library of the Ape Scholars
7. Heavily armed imperial expedition hunts bio-sorceress (who escaped from previously scheduled public execution): now lost, starving and perishing of disease
8. Psychic monkeys: torment sensitive minds with capricious thought intrusions
9. Extremely elusive clan of humans with prehensile feet and innate arcane abilities
10. Clear cut carrion field w/ herds of wingless giant flies: tended by giant spider proletariat
11. Pharmocopia: stone age enclave of folk w/ unsurpassed knowledge of plant chemistry, among their many achievements: functional immortality
12. Giant spider forces drilling: weaponized spider knights practice charges atop domesticated mantid mounts

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