Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Over-the-Counter Dungeon Unguents

1. Dragon balm: temporarily (like 10 minutes) reduces damage from heat/flame
2. Giant bug repellent: 75% effective against giant beetles, centipedes, and spiders
3. Gill wax: stuffed in nostrils, temporarily allows water breathing
4. Oil of command: temporarily improves charisma and smells awesome
5. Ol' Fashioned exercise ointment : loosens muscles for temporary dexterity bonus, reeks offensively, burns like hell
6. Bite lather: rubbed into poisoned wounds, arrests progress of most toxins
7. War wax: applied to full body, hardens on skin temporarily reducing combat damage
8. Barbarian's balm: temporarily reduces damage from cold/ice
9. Oil of invincibility: increases morale for all allies within smelling distance of the anointed
10. Skull wax: applied to freshly shaved head, offers short-term protection from psycho-spiritual attack
11. Salve of silence: often applied to shoes, noisy armor
12. Berserk's butter: slathered on before combat, acts as analgesic, allowing subject to fight 3 rounds after "death"

Note: These items range in price from the merely costly to the extremely exorbitant. Availability limited by random die roll.


  1. Ol' Fashioned Exercise Ointment yanked!

    Skull wax is awesome, too.

  2. These are awesome and a good way to maybe bleed some gold from a campaign!