Friday, January 6, 2012

Ill-advised Magical Researches

1. Sky Chariot (engines burn sacrifices to wind gods)
2. The Mana-rod (installed in brain)
3. Alchemy toward malleable solid demon-fire
4. Project: The sword that can split the atom
5. Hybrid: chimeroblepas
6. Mind-meld with dormant volcano god
7. Force field dome sans air supply
8. Spell: Ray of Treachery
9. Potion of Permanent Enslavement
10. Giant beacon to the star gods
11. Spell: Dispel Avarice
12. Project: Terraform Hell


  1. hehe, I am really digging this blog Jason. Great stuff.

  2. Just found the blog, love the idea. Do you mind if I try to create a few of these and write them up?

  3. ironbound: Sure, just credit the Dozen and let me know!