Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stuff in a Chest

1. Casks of distilled longevity potion and fancy shot glasses
2. Six sets of formal evening wear (various sizes)
3. A giant gold tooth w/ traces of fresh blood
4. Stone age cult relics, fetishes and shamanic gear
5. Disguise kit w/ wigs, false mustaches/beards, official badges/identification
6. Colony of live bats (chewed aperture in rear of chest)
7. Radioactive meteorite: danger of death/mutation
8. Collection of shrunken alien heads
9. Disorganized notes and papers re: exploration of alternate worlds via dream journeying (upon thorough study = total bunk)
10. Hundreds of keys of all shapes and sizes
11. A completely insane dungeon fairy w/food dish, water dispenser and exercise wheel
12. Beautifully carved miniature wooden representations of each party member