Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Tell You I Saw It Near the Steam Vents!

1. A crew of grey dwarfs installing unknown metal device with pipes running into the earth
2. Giant viruses ambulating about spider-like
3. Huge balloon-like creatures bearing platoons of strange pale warriors in their claws
4. Towering columns of molds and lichens tended by shell-less land mollusks
5. Fire giants taking a steam, served cocktails by stone boys
6. Mating rituals of chthonic worms
7. Hatchery of the stone boys and their indescribable queen
8. Heavily armed carapace men astride war trilobites
9. Men with hideously convoluted skin (like Chinese Shar Peis) chanting and dancing in a frenzy
10. Innumerable white lizards crawling forth in waves, devouring everything in path
11. Gigantic crystalline structures visibly growing, attracting attention from undesirables
12. A colossal man-form made of scintillating vapors, glowering menacingly toward the city

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