Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Underworld Cash Crops

1. Ghoulsbane: repels minor undead when smoked profusely, highly addictive
2. Potted Shrieker: lair security device, bred to discern strangers
3. Optic Flora: microscopic plants grow on optic nerve, grants infravision
4. Iron nettles: barbed armor, anti-monster fencing
5. Exploding pods: impact sensitive, launches hail of seed-shrapnel
6. Death spores: airborne poison harvested from giant toadstools
7. Thermolichen: produces berry-like protrusion that when crushed emits heat
8. Levitating fungi: tethered to large objects/loads for transportation
9. Breadcaps: nutritionally complete fungus, deadly poison unless processed
10. Stenchmold: repels reptiles, dinosaurs and dragons, attracts oozes
11. Retchwort: first use: neutralizes most toxins, second use: lethal
12. A rich panoply of psychoactive molds, spores and fungi, carefully bred for effects ranging from the subtlest mood elevation to the most harrowing mind bending delirium (widespread use among kobolds suspected)


  1. Replies
    1. ...been going through some of the back entries: I'm loving it, very creative. Thanks.

      Regarding unexpected sarcophagus contents, there's a mummified giant crocodile in a museum in Leiden which turns out, on x-raying, to be two normal-size mummified crocs wrapped up together to make a fake giant. Which suggests to me a whole matrioshka game of "what's under those wrappings?"

  2. Thanks a lot, Richard. I appreciate you (and everyone) checking out the blog. I too now wonder "what's under those wrappings". Cool idea.