Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pesky Dungeon Infestations

1. Alchemy mites: eat gold, excrete lead
2. Scintillating mold: hypnotic effect when viewed, trolls watch it for hours
3. Rock eating bacteria: excavation bio-tool gone feral, undermines walls, floors etc.
4. Stone slime: as green slime but perfectly camouflaged
5. Black widow super colony
6. Cadaver ants: dissect corpses to bring into huge nest, store gold in deep chambers
7. Primordial fleas (thumb sized): inert until activated by body heat
8. Whimpering toadstools: like shriekers, only merely annoying
9. Necrophagic fungus: consumes soft tissues, adheres to skeleton for locomotion, keeps adding new skeletons to it's mass until it becomes a vast centipede-like horror
10. Blink lice: short range teleportation
11. Highly aggressive intestinal worms (rope sized), any host will do
12. Microscopic arcanaphagic flora: enter lungs, eat spells


  1. I've just fallen in love with whimpering toadstools and blink lice.

  2. Alchemy mites and negophagic fungus for the win!

    Few blogs can compete in the sheer volume of good ideas that you produce.

  3. Wow, awesome blog! I really dig it!

  4. Alchemy mites! I love you for this! (My players, however, shall likely come to hate you without ever knowing of you. :P)

  5. I appreciate the praise, folks!

    1. necrophagic fungus is genius: a reason to keep your murderhoboing neat and tidy!