Friday, January 27, 2012

Phantasmal Irritants

1. A swarm of ghost bees
2. The extremely polite haunt who just wants to talk for hours and hours
3. The phantom mime: fortunately appears trapped in invisible cube of some kind
4. Spirit sage who dispenses unsound advice dressed up for maximum plausibility
5. Gloomy shades of viking-types who cannot locate Valhalla and would like precise directions
6. Continuously baying pack of friendly spectral hounds
7. The pacifist poltergeist obsessed with making attacks go astray
8. Mournful spirits of philosophers debate cosmic minutia while seemingly unable to comprehend their own deaths
9. Pack of disembodied accountants follows adventurers constantly measuring cash flow, inventory (rations, torches, healing potions, etc.)
10. Trickster spirit promises to lead to treasure but delivers only the most extreme dangers
11. The undead critic: follows party pointing out foibles, missteps and screw-ups which it finds terribly amusing
12. Apparition of bard nearly done with epic poem, looking for feedback