Monday, January 16, 2012

Underworld Afflictions

1. Dungeon Itch: mind-bending full body itch, spell casting impossible
2. Mail Rot: starts as obscene stench under armor, advances until tissues slough off
3. Cavern Fever: mounting compulsion to return to surface
4. Ration Starvation: depleted of vital nutrients, weakens, looks terrible
5. Medusa's Blight: skin slowly hardens, hampering movement
6. Troll Flesh: develops green seeping pustules
7. Grave foot: hobbles rapidly, untreated feet blacken and fall off
8. Hill Giant's Hiccups: irrepressible, unpredictable, very loud
9. Berserk's Bane: fever induces spontaneous battle rages + incessant sweating & crazy affect
10. Deep dysentery: explosive onset, severe dehydration, must drain every wineskin to stave off death
11. Tomb Robber's Lung: wracking cough, sensitivity to torch smoke
12. Delver's Blues: turns blue, dies (rapid onset, highly contagious, draconian measures required to halt outbreak)


  1. Tomb Robbers Lung! These are all great, love your blog!

  2. DAY-UM. Some of these make me (STR 17 and CON 15) want to take up life as a farmer.