Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Less Popular Magic Items

1. Brazier of Infinite Imps: new imp arises every 10 minutes
2. Helm of Obscuration: proof against psychic attacks, temporarily blinds/deafens
3. Wand of Filth, Dust and Cobwebs
4. Potion of Levitation, effect permanent
5. Flask of Instant Intoxication: lasts entire game session
6. Magic Shield w/ mouth motif: screams out "RED ALERT!" when monsters near
7. Boots of Silence and Severe Blistering
8. Helm of Foreknowledge: imparts suicidal ideations
9. The Pot of Porridge Inexhaustible
10. The Panic Blade (save or flee)
11. Circlet of Inconsolable Weeping
12. Resplendent Pantaloons of Flamboyance


  1. I dunno, I think the resplendent pantaloons of flamboyance sound all kinds of awesome.

  2. Ha, hmm think I am swiping a few of these and inflict them on my players.

  3. Well, IMHO a Potion of Levitation could be something good if used properly: a Potion of Gas Form could be nastier. ;)

  4. Pot of inexaustible porridge also sounds very useful indeed.

  5. Thanks for commenting, people!
    Hameltm: They weren't meant to be absolutely useless in all cases, just a bit disappointing if found in a dragon's hoard after losing the hirelings and being reduced to half a hit point. Good suggestion, though!

  6. Well, yes: finding them inside the dragon's lair will likely make players willing to resurrect the dragon and kill it again. ^_^

  7. Flask of Instant Intoxification sounds like a bottle I had about ten years ago. Knocked me down for the entire weekend. But what a weekend!