Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cult Imperatives of the City Folk

1. Daily blood tithe: collected by sub-sect of holy phlebotomists
2. Wear very tall shoes, everything on stilts, anything that touches earth: unclean
3. Only permissible nourishment: thrice-blessed health porridge
4. Vow of loquaciousness
5. Customary after-dinner holy hallucinogen
6. Daily recitation of litanies against hope, contentment and peace
7. Seduce infidels as much as possible
8. Secretly commit petty evil daily
9. Honor the hours of public nudity
10. Mass pilgrimage to underworld holy site: city guard excluded
11. Be kind to infidels, beat the crap out of sinners
12. Weekly ablutions in the bile of the swamp lord

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