Friday, January 13, 2012

Gonzo Bio-weaponry

1. Radiates death energies from empty eye sockets
2. Expels caustic phlegm from mystic third nostril
3. Effects hypno-strobe from translucent skin
4. Lashes out with extensible razor-tongue
5. Releases gale-force winds from iris-like orifice
6. Emits super-heated gas from funnel-shaped protuberance
7. Fires explosive projectiles from blunderbuss-like protrusion
8. Projects disintegration ray from single horn
9. Launches guided missiles from dorsal spines
10. Spews digestive juices from abdominal fissure
11. Flings hails of barbed poisonous quills from scalp
12. Casts waves of mind-destroying black energy from exposed brain

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