Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beyond the Cosmic Portal

1. Translucent bubble adrift on the tides of space
2. Surface of a strange planet bathed in caustic super-heated gasses
3. The Moon Library (librarians: inverted rugose cones on shocks of hair-like tendrils w/ reading monocles for single eye spot)
4. A small rocky island in the Acid Sea kingdom of the Siliconians
5. Mind-bending trans-planar vortex
6. Wind swept plateau with dome: private spell component greenhouse
7. Box seats for the pre-creation God War
8. Cushy habitarium in the menagerie of the Colossal Spacemen
9. The demi-plane of Pure Effect
10. The offices of Hell's quartermaster general
11. Storage closet in Sorcerer's Guild subterranean laboratory complex
12. Pleistocene Island


  1. I love you(r Blog)! I love the d12.

    This is my new favorite thing on the internet. I think I'll stick around. <3

    The tie-ins to previous lists is fun. Like #12.

  2. +1, you do requests? What´s in the smugglers hold?

  3. @Jenna Elf: you are too kind!
    @Mattias: evidently I do. Thanks for asking!