Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hard Times for the City Folk

1. Extortion by coven of powerful witches: sudden virgin depletion
2. City foundations undermined by unknown giant worm species
3. Virulent new strain of bread mold: mass psychedelic freak out
4. Currently inert titan slowly awakening beneath capitol dome
5. Giants handily defeat city guard, set up shabby encampment w/in walls, working on new city charter
6. Workers uprising: garbage piling up, mass shortages, city guard refusing to carry out heinous new measures
7. Recent slave mutiny put down by draconian measures: former duties undertaken by city guard, now also near revolt
8. Poor attack strategy by city guard = black pudding infestation, population has grown used to it
9. Preeminent local temple goes all Spanish Inquisition
10. The stars are right: significant % of population now openly evil cultists, mad bacchanalia ensues
11. Ancient king returns from perpetual underworld quest, fulfilling prophecy, but reincarnated in the body of otyugh
12. Ruling class (and known associates thereof) summarily executed: chaos reigns, new beggar king crowned

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