Friday, January 20, 2012

Uncanny Effects of Blunt Force Trauma to the Head

1. Religious experience resulting in conversion (random god/outer being/entity)
2. Total personality inversion: passionately loathes former friends, thinks enemies may have had the right idea, etc.
3. Temporary alignment shift (3d6 days): suppressed urges bubble to surface
4. Vision of the immediate future (roll for % accuracy): its never good news
5. Senses hidden dangers (4 in 6): presence of traps, etc. triggers mild seizure
6. Detects lies/treachery (4 in 6): overwhelming shivers down spine
7. Smells emotions of those in close proximity
8. Unknown telekinetic talent revealed, must lie down after use
9. Suddenly excellent at math, reduced to caveman speech
10. Loses all inhibitions, poor impulse control
11. Speaks exclusively in ancient/unknown languages, often prophetically
12. Blinded by daylight, sees perfectly in total darkness

Note: effects undone by any subsequent blunt force trauma to the head of equal or greater magnitude