Monday, January 9, 2012

Cheap Dungeon Gross-outs

1. The rotting pantry of the deceased hoarder-gourmet
2. Orc lavatory (as in battle, they frequently miss)
3. The Vampire Lady's champagne fountain of blood
4. The bulimic otyugh
5. Count Sadisto's skin collection showroom
6. Blood-vomiting devil children
7. The compulsory banquet of heads
8. Offal that walks like a man
9. The Inside-outers
10. Colossal turd w/ human bones in
11. Cursed folk whose organs explode forth upon the slightest touch
12. Pit trap filled with...

1-2. decomposing bodies
3-4. bacterial soup
5-6. leeches
7-8. raw sewage
9-10. hungry ticks
11-12. semi-coagulated monster blood

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