Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Features of the Pleistocene Island

1. Titanothere-driven city on colossal stone wheels
2. Smilodon-riding sub-goblins
3. The mountain of 10,000 terraces
4. The invulnerable caveman who walks through the air
5. Benevolent wandering reptile-man missionaries of the Old Religion
6. War between the wooly rhino matriarchy and the host of the mammoth lord
7. Flightless bird-riding proto-kobolds
8. Giant cave halflings
9. Levitating pyramid: yeti holy site reachable only by esoteric transcendental discipline
10. A viking-style longship converted into lodging for neanderthal clan equipped with rusty viking-style gear
11. Hovering platform of the sky gods: plainly visible in good weather, UFOs come and go routinely
12. Abandoned terrestrial bio-lab of the sky gods from which all manner of strange and terrible creatures stagger forth to menace the world


  1. This list may just be my favorite one yet. The mammoth-on-rhino violence is just awesome, as are the abominable holymen.

    @Matt: Captain Caveman just HAD to have been Mightor's ancestor. It makes so much sense now!

  2. @Matt: perhaps a dark, gritty, version of Mightor (drop the Mighty appellation right off the bat) by Alan Moore and Rick Veitch circa 1990...

    Thanks Justin!

  3. You had me at halfling and Viking!