Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oddities of the Swamp

1. Cursed clan of amphibious dwarfs and their ruined city
2. Giant ceolacanth-like lungfish
3. Pocket-sized black puddings everywhere
4. Giant water beetle transportation and their fen-halfling masters
5. Saber-toothed fen rats
6. Flightless giant mosquitoes (feed upon swamp rhinos)
7. Tubers from giant cattail: increases vitality
8. All-knowing marsh pixie lives in mouth of colossal catfish
9. Semi-divine Wisetoad atop giant lily pad
10. Perpetually collapsing Underswamp
11. House-barge of the swamp-hag sister wives and their unholy brood
12. The Croc Rider, merciless masked avenger of the bog

1 comment:

  1. "Pocket-sized black puddings" sounds like a fad that could sweep a fantasy world, like pot-bellied pigs and pet rocks.