Monday, January 30, 2012

Wasteland Attractions

1. Travelling gruel salesman: protected from harm by invisible spirits of former customers
2. Wizard's fireball/lightning bolt practice range and retreat
3. Paleogean quarry currently worked by hulking mummies (aided by unseen monstrosities below ground)
4. Pilgrimage of the Death God's acolytes seeking the ultimate enlightenment
5. Lizard farm and tannery operated by degenerate clan
6. Horde of vicious sub-humans with camel-like humps
7. Mighty lord and company gathering sub-human specimens for unspecified experiments
8. Clandestine fossil hunting expedition funded by sorcerer's league, concealed by massive illusions
9. Heavily fortified supply depot of the Imperial army: they shoot first, questions later
10. Mad wizard's experimental dirigible facility
11. Cliff aerie of the condor-dogs
12. Procession of hulking mummies carrying massive blocks of granite to pyramid construction site