Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dungeon Delusions

Subject believes...
1. Trapped in simulacrum body, real body somewhere near
2. Anybody who looks lawful must be chaotic and vice versa
3. Inheritor of deceased god's former flock/powers
4. Pixies control other party members
5. Foes can only be stopped by special song
6. Rations = poison
7. All will soon be killed by crushing air pressure in the deeps
8. Human blood = life-sustaining elixir
9. Only by betraying allies can one escape the wrath of the gods
10. Must escape dungeon, the only way out is down
11. Exposing self will aid others spiritually
12. Hysterical...
1. Blindness
2. Deafness
3. Loss of touch
4. Olfactory disability
5. Loss of taste
6. All five

Note regarding the d6 subtable: I'm allowed to break my own rules, you know.