Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weird Menace in the Watery Deeps

1. Flesh-eating Little Mermaids
2. Sub-sirens that call fools to the crushing depths
3. Ruined headquarters of the Amphibious League: biologically altered wizards
4. Coral City of the highly intelligent, desperately envious but ultimately impotent cephalopods
5. Super-colony of enlightened jelly
6. Liquid mercury beings and their incomprehensible machinations
7. Vile and despicable eel-men, sadistic toadies of the deep
8. The Sea-lich and her polyp army
9. Forbidden kelp forest of the Deep Elves
10. The Sessile Lords: collectors of knowledge, dispensers of wisdom
11. Moby Dicks
12. The Single-celled God


  1. Moby Dicks scare and confuse me: white whales or white bald DJs? o_O

  2. You forgot sharks with frikin' lasers.