Sunday, May 13, 2012

Distinguishing Characteristics of the Demigod

1. Walks an inch off the ground
2. Surrounded by scintillant halo effect
3. Reflection (in mirror, pool etc.) reveals only the divine portion
4. Eyes fluctuate in appearance: human, reptilian, multifaceted bug eyes, etc.
5. Turf smolders slightly under feet
6. Attracts swarms of insects, birds, assorted fauna
7. Voice has peculiar quality of subtle auto-tune effect
8. Sketchy movement, as if on film with random frames edited out
9. Exhales smoke
10. Appearances generally accompanied by thunderclap/atmospheric effect
11. Hair waves about as if tossed by wind, omnipresent glamour lighting
12. Open disdain for mortal inferiors


  1. Oooh, I rather enjoy this list. =3

  2. Number eight brought back memories of The Ring.

  3. Candice Rigby: thanks!
    Dr. Vulmea: just the spooky effect I was thinking of.

  4. I'm sorry, ALL my characters -- even the hapless ones -- have trait #12. (spoken with nose in the air)