Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Cool Parts of Dungeon Level Two

1. Necromancer's HQ w/secret stair access to surface: uses subhumans as buffer against forces from below, serves as their occasional arcane savior
2. Seemingly bottomless and literally howling chasm separates factions, subhumans have built up shrine on their side, offer sacrifices to the presumed howling deity below, access to levels three and four, mountaineering required
3. Warlock and squad of bloodthirsty henchmen make full study of prehuman ruins, have amassed significant hoard of relics
4. Dripping wet and humid natural caverns descend gradually to the lake on level four, subhumans haul shipments of arms this way, simultaneously disposing of their dead (and the necromancer's failed experiments) to appease predatory cave monsters
5. Incredibly elaborate series of frescoes in vast hall depict in some detail the extra-terrestrial origin of humankind
6. Partially looted royal catacombs of the extinct prehumans, signs of necromantic tampering, access denied by massed skeleton warriors
7. Neutral slug folk protected by small private force of ogre mercenaries (disgruntled): losses incurred in trade war prevent the slug folk from making their payroll
8. Roving miasma of living gasses: stupefies upon inhalation, pursued by subhuman addicts
9. A giant snake with eight insect-like legs roams the corridors, exhaling choking black smoke
10. Herd of elusive dungeon deer on perpetual feeding migration through environs to scattered moss and lichen beds, led by intelligent stag
11. Defensible and out-of-the-way room: automatic party ejector, one-way elevator to surface
12. Gaming halls of slug folk: open to all and sundry, must buy at least 100gp worth of tokens at well-guarded gates


  1. "Automatic party ejector" - LOL!

  2. this is just about enough to make me want to play one of these subhumans.
    I definitely want to play in the dungeon.