Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Monster's Got a Charming Side

1. Anomalous yet beautiful singing voice
2. Has overlarge, plaintive child-like eyes
3. Inordinately protective of underlings/henchmonsters
4. Extremely polite and respectful, conducts itself w/the utmost honor before and after devouring adventurers
5. Lovingly raising brood of monsterlings
6. Has somehow amassed a rather impressive fine art collection
7. Cuddly, affectionate, dog-like relationship w/dark master
8. Has taken the time to carefully decorate lair according to its incomprehensible tastes
9. A certain indefinable je ne sais quoi
10. Exhibits gentle curiosity toward small animals, halflings
11. Has a pet that it cherishes (see Unusual Dungeon Pets table)
12. Accepts nothing short of unconditional surrender but will listen thoughtfully and appear to entertain terms before rejecting them utterly

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