Thursday, May 31, 2012

Apocalyptic Visions in the Crystal Ball

1. Nightmare scene of fantasy world completely overrun by proliferation of slimes, oozes and jellies
2. Images of sudden-onset ice age, flash-frozen men and beasts, ships embedded in solid waves, ice-spirits howling w/bitter laughter
3. Idyllic pastoral scene shattered by revelation that herdsmen = vampires, flocks = debased human population
4. Video broadcast from Mars rover w/incomprehensible voice-over
5. Scene of moon teeming with terror monsters hurling selves earthward via cosmic trebuchets
6. Mind-bending loop of footage from Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will
7. Behind-the-scenes at the trans-pantheon parliament of the gods: earthly life pitilessly divided up and squandered like chattel by beings previously thought to be benevolent
8. Worlds upon worlds swim by, each stranger than the last, a galactic empire that pits far-flung humankind against itself while utterly alien overlords grow ever richer and more powerful
9. Promotional clips of reality TV show shot during biblical end times
10. Humanity enslaved by race of giants w/proto-Egyptian cultural features, set to perpetual pyramid-building
11. Towering gods stride the earth locked in battle, sweeping away entire human armies with single gestures, shattering mountains with errant blows, boiling oceans away with misfired rays of destruction
12. Sorcerer's mad researches set off arcane chain reaction resulting in world sundered in two, separated by coruscating ethereal gulf


  1. All terrifying, but #1's almost as if one might wish for one of the others to cleanse the world of the oozes and jellies.

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