Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Lich's Secret Identity

1. Filthy street urchin w/unsettling stare
2. Continuously drunken petty noble w/penchant for provoking peers
3. Kindly hedge wizard, always offering to aid and advise fledgling adventurers
4. Travelling minstrel who ruthlessly satirizes the powers-that-be
5. The mysterious "druid" seen stalking the king's forest
6. Mild-mannered yeoman farmer who recently inherited ancient farmhouse
7. Court torturer: famous throughout the land for extracting secrets w/100% accuracy
8. Perpetually masked guild master of assassins
9. Foppish dandy said to be extraordinarily successful philanderer
10. Extremely helpful librarian at the Royal Scroll & Tome Repository
11. Preternaturally attractive young aristocrat looking for marital prospects
12. Foreign dignitary representing largely unknown empire from somewhere beyond the edge of the campaign map

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