Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In the Philosopher's Spell Book

1. Alter Opinion: instantly harmonizes disparate views or insinuates disagreement
2. Dispel Argument: renders opposing assertion null and void
3. Arinunio's Inconspicuous Non Sequitur: success allows the user to sneak one by opposition
4. Bolt of Enlightenment: save or stagger off to reexamine life
5. Huunenaur's Stinging Refutation: no saving throw
6. Inescapable Web of Absurdity: save or suffer debilitating mental entanglement
7. Hargoov's Hair-splitter: Stupefies opponent with barrage of meaningless objections
8. Exploding Straw Man: save for half damage
9. Glamocles' Expeditious Reductio ad Absurdum: success induces shame, humiliation and the derision of one's peers
10. Defang Ideology: deactivates critical faculties in subjects, primes them to swallow bill of goods
11. Mass Consensus: gallon of wine per subject required as material component
12. Create Truth: adds single new aspect to reality, fundamentally changing the universe for good or ill, rarely successfully cast, miscast erases all trace of the philosopher from the space-time continuum


  1. You have no idea how genuinely useful these are to me.

  2. This is definitely my new favorite blog.

  3. I'm lovin' #4! "Gee, maybe adventuring doesn't help me reach my balance. Be seein' ya, pals!"