Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Whence the Demigod?

1. Mighty Sky-father digs mortals
2. Lord of Speedy Delivery expanding operations
3. Super-genius god of intellect conducting "experiments"
4. Monkey Czar up to his usual shenanigans
5. All-mother has a thing for eugenics
6. Rogue ex-member of the pantheon aiming to breed god-assassins
7. Star Bull remains irrepressible in this area
8. Fire god looking to create flame-cloaked half-mortal priesthood
9. Personification of mostly-impersonal Prime Mover on some kind of strange bender
10. Incomprehensible entity masquerading as the popular war god, all about more and better warriors
11. Perpetually famished outer being using mortals to give itself spiritual access to as many additional mouths as possible
12. Raw Chaos seethes mindlessly but also enjoys the odd fling here and there

1 comment:

  1. Nice, I appreciate the various quasi-references. Especially like 9 as it makes me envision some kind of Ben Franklin with glowing eyes as a demi-god.