Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Vital Bits of Dungeon Level Four

1. Vast self-luminous lake of clear green water in incredibly huge cavern, partially flooding numerous smaller caves: home to amphibious spiral shelled kraken and their albino merman allies
2. Party of subhumans led by necromancer's chief associate w/shipment of arms and secret communique for the merman theocrat
3. Giant jellyfish that hunt orca-style, beaching themselves to take terrestrial prey
4. Deep dwarfs nearing completion of centuries-long project to divert subterranean river, massive pumping station ready to go online, will instantly alter ecosystem, guarded by ogre and troll mercenaries
5. Half-flooded prehuman undercity, amphibious kraken oversee archaeological study by cult hierophants
6. Waterspouts that seem to target and relentlessly pursue individuals until giving a damn good thrashing or somehow dispersed
7. Mermen training in preparation for amphibious assault on deep dwarf river project
8. Slug folk traders await shipment of subtlest liquors brewed by the mermen, a chatty bunch
9. Domesticated lake monsters provide merman mass transit
10. Merman concierge station administers water breathing potions to underworld traders and dispenses valuable hints on merman etiquette
11. Many-spired city of the mermen and their terrible secret: as a result of curse females savage and terrifying flesh-eaters that must be kept imprisoned in sub-lake breeding dome
12. Wandering deity: towering ebon figure hand fishes with mystically baited line (catch and release), moving slowly about the lake and environs surrounded by fawning merman fanatics incessantly pleading for removal of curse

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