Friday, May 25, 2012

Pithy Dying Utterances: The Fighter

1. "My labors are at an end now. Farewell! Oh, by the way, I buried a good deal of treasure near the...UURRK."
2. "Alas, I am killed! But I now swear by the dark gods of uttermost night, my shade shall harry our foes forever."
3. "Patron deity/celestial realm, I am coming!"
4. "Behold, it is my end. But do me one final service. Take my most awesome weapon and cast it into the  body of water/lava where it shall never be dishonored."
5. "And so! It is bitter. Never again shall I slay and plunder..."
6. "I die. But why? Why was it not irritating party member?"
7. "My only regret is that I have but one life to give for my party."
8. "It is a fitting end for such as I. Live by sword, die by the whatever killed him"
9. "I am finished. Only time now for one final war-shriek of defiance...GLLAAIIIIEEEEEE!!!"
10. "No, not now! Not when there is so much more gold to hoard, so many wineskins to drain, so many dark halls to plunder, so many . . ."
11. "Which one of you devils was supposed to pack the extra healing potion? Ha ha *choke*"
12. "It was my honor to storm the gates of hell with you lot. Well, except for irritating party member, who is a complete bastard."


  1. Well, #3 makes me want to go listen to Zep 3 like, right now.

  2. #8 reminds me of a dwarven berserker I played, whose epitaph was, "He died as he lived: angry and in a tavern."

  3. This really tickles my fancy. I hope I can get all my players to start making dying utterances for their characters. I know the NPC's will.

  4. "Et tu, (name of killer)?"

    "I hereby bequeath my cursed sword to (incompetent party member), may his fate be ten times the worse!"