Sunday, May 27, 2012

Super-quick Gonzo Pulp Monster Generator

Roll on each of the three tables below and put results in the blender. Extrapolate swiftly, your players are waiting.

Table A: Descriptor
1. Abominable
2. Colossal
3. Scintillating
4. Iron
5. Sundering
6. Mind
7. Lava
8. Laser
9. Trans-dimensional
10. Insalubrious
11. Hypno-
12. Chaos

Table B: Subject
1. Fungus
2. Jelly
3. Corpse
4. Slug
5. Foetus
6. Bishop
7. Lizard
8. Worm
9. Tyrant
10. Polyp
11. Virus
12. Titan

Table C: Special
1. Like the shrew, must eat several times own body weight daily to survive
2. Maximum fecundity: dropping eggs/buds/spores/litters/viral loads everywhere
3. Berserk at all times, but capable of taking it to a new level if pressed
4. Singular objective: depopulation
5. Genius-level intellect, telepathic, strong opinions, very convincing
6. Melancholic: hell-bent on suicide-by-adventurers
7. Reverts back to shape of missing princess when killed
8. Constantly sings/otherwise emits mind-bending music
9. Protected by chitinous armor plating
10. Exudes deadly/blinding/incapacitating/intoxicating/flammable gases
11. Self-luminous
12. Demi-material, may pass through solid matter


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