Thursday, May 24, 2012


1. Bleat of alarmed ungulate
2. Basso warble of some massive unknown songbird
3. Ululation: exceedingly moist, possibly of amphibious origin
4. Rumble of a seismic nature: retainers may be rattled, esp. if expected to go underground
5. Weird shriek of a primate: could be a human or man-ape, too peculiar to say for sure
6. Gallop as of many unshod hooves
7. Colossal footfall, seems to be moving off
8. Clamor: the clash of arms, or maybe just pots and pans
9. Din: a swarm of giant bugs or maybe a giants mill wheel, hard to say
10. Subterranean blast, first of a series (see entry 4)
11. Cracking timbers off in the distance, as if a colossus were gathering firewood
12. Eerie music (see subtable)

Eerie Music Subtable
1-2. Meandering noodlings of Elven jam band
3-4. Vaguely menacing halfling ditty, of a darker cast than usual
5-6. Pixie choir: like 1000 cartoon chipmunks (save vs. killing pixies required)
7-8. Devotionals of evil
9-10. Atonal troll yarping
11-12. Cacophonous ogre drum circle

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