Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Ooze

1. Crimson: transdermally desanguinates, urban predator that likes to hide under beds, in walls of inns 
2. Ultraviolet: invisible to humans, levitates
3. Amber: 1d20 attack psuedopods, highly nutritious if processed by dwarf-methods
4. Golden: only affected by magic weapons and spells, becomes treasure when killed
5. Silver: as golden ooze, but less valuable
6. Polymorphic: transforms into crude likenesses of creatures, objects
7. Azure: crackles with electricity, moves at thrice normal rate
8. Verdurous: incredibly enormous, photosynthetic, sage-like wisdom
9. White: able to roll up into ball and bounce impressively 
10. Flaming: belches gouts of fire, perishes instantly if somehow extinguished
11. Translucent: swallows prey whole, violently expels bones of previous victims
12. Prismatic: strobing colors produces hypno-effect, also used for ooze-to-ooze communication 


  1. You keep adding these brilliant little details that add to the mythos of existing D&D tropes and ignite the imagination. Bravo, sir.

  2. Did you know if you google "transdermally desanguinates", the first link is this page? Who would have guessed! :)