Friday, June 22, 2012

Emergency Unusual Class/Race Generator

1. Badgermen: the anti-hobbit, vicious and relentless fighters, must be dragged from combat
2. Peltast: expert hurlers of weaponry, 2 javelin attacks/round at level one
3. Ray fusilier: trained in all forms of ray-gun combat, melee weapons limited to stiletto
4. Gentleman/Lady: persons of refinement, education, sophistication, start game with 3d6 x 1000gp
5. Half-troll: slow regeneration, rubbery hide, claw attacks, unmentionable dietary requirements but otherwise alright
6. Impostor: jack-of-all-trades, chooses class each day as OD&D elf, but can only do magic via scrolls or spellbooks
7. Yeti ascetic: levitates in lotus position at first level, additional mental powers with experience
8. Strongman: fights unarmed or w/club, feats of strength, must continuously pump iron to maintain abilities
9. Woolly Neanderthal: furry hominids of average intellect and above average strength, druid-like powers at mid-to-high levels
10. Lunatic: beset by fantasy madness, enter berserk state as barbarian, immune to mind control
11. Intelligent hound: heightened senses, communicates like Lassie, faithful to and protective of PC or NPC at low levels
12. Were-pixie: change triggered by factor such as lunar phase, sunspot activity, equinox, etc., gains spells as MU when in pixie form

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