Monday, June 25, 2012

Features of the Eccentric Plutocrat's Mansion

1. Torture chamber w/discretely curtained observation lounge, master torturer's quarters adjacent
2. Private art gallery w/half-devil curator: works carefully selected to slide poisoned blade between the ribs of the human spirit
3. Hall of taxidermy: highlights include several specimens whose gaze might still turn you to stone
4. Elaborately appointed summoning chamber and reception area for dignitaries from Hell
5. Surgical suite for extracting adrenal glands and other essential bodily fluids for artificially prolonging life
6. Secret cemetery where victims of the plutocrats various eccentricities are respectfully interred (once stripped of usable parts)
7. Hedging bets: multiple shrines and mini-temples (some with hired clerical staff) honoring incongruous gaggle of gods, demons and cosmic entities throughout manse and grounds
8. Row of guest rooms designed to accommodate startlingly alien requirements
9. Secret costume room w/variety of outfits designed for impersonating prominent public figures
10. Grand ball room w/elevated stage currently occupied by inhuman troupe of travelling performers preparing for the bloodiest and most realistic Grand Guignol production yet attempted
11. Fenced enclosure housing captive population of debased halflings
12. Secure area (including deluxe quarters) where multi-disciplinary think tank pits dark intelligence against the plutocrat's entirely petty personal concerns, employing a private force of assassins (also luxuriously housed) as needed


  1. Don't forget the unsettling, gently twitching marionette collection, or the musical instruments designed to mutilate their players.

  2. This seems less like a random generator and more like a map key.