Saturday, June 16, 2012

Effects of Long-term Exposure to the Underworld

1. Paranoiac hyper-vigilance: reduced sleep requirement/accelerated aging process, shifty eyes, constant perspiration
2. Rapid onset full-body hair loss
3. Total color blindness: visual acuity increased by several megapixels
4. Sallow, sickly appearance, unhealthy anti-glow: reduced charisma
5. Absorption of trace airborne elements triggers coarsening of skin: as leather armor, temporarily painful w/dexterity reduction
6. Olfactory enhancement: picking up the subtleties once ignored, chance of surprise reduced, negated by exposure to fresh air
7. Cave depression: emotional responses muted, adrenalin tolerance through the roof, enhanced resistance to fear, panic
8. Ration starvation: vitamins/minerals missing from feed, weight loss, bad breath, immune system compromised (saving throw penalty)
9. Low light vision enhanced, negated by re-acclimation to full daylight
10. Dungeon pragmatism: atrophy permanently erodes empathy, compassion, regard for sanctity of life
11. Systemic fungal infection: increases strength and constitution, occludes thought process
12. Total acclimation: underground environment seems like home, surface life just an increasingly vague memory


  1. Pretty sure Dungeon Pragmatism happens to most PCs already :P. I'm also a fan of Dwarf Fortress' cave adaptation system - the dwarves use their beards as whiskers sensitive to the subtleties of underground airflow, and when they return to the surface, the touch of wind is painful, vomit-inducing sensory overload.

  2. This list borders on poignant!

  3. You need that acuity to pixel-bitch those old-school traps ... :P