Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nature Goes Haywire

1. Unexplained lightning plague: near-continuous strikes on even cloudless days, woe unto the armored warrior on a treeless hilltop
2. Chaos-demon strikes down the god of physics: gravity gets weird, among other effects
3. Unpredictable gusts of wind capable of tossing full grown men about like leaves, sky gods unresponsive to campaign of blood sacrifice
4. Quirk of evolution leads to advent of extremely prolific laser-mice
5. Oceanic waters gradually congeal, translucent membrane develops as does a singular intelligence
6. Sudden release of subterranean gas triggers extinction event: domesticated animals
7. Colossal fungal puffball swells to gross immensity then explodes, scattering millions of spores into the atmosphere, growths already taking over planted plots, covering rooftops, etc.
8. Meteors ridden by thrill-seeking demon cowboys zoom crazily about leaving panic and mayhem in their wake
9. Sky turns purple, clouds appear as glowering faces, strange thunders boom as never before, 1/3 of the population goes crazy and dies
10. Glacier w/conspicuous ice ramparts and battlements cruises at speed into temperate zone toward imperial capital
11. Everyone wakes up one morning to find thousands of weird eggs everywhere
12. A fire of unknown origin takes babies away


  1. 4. Man, I hate when that happens. Then even the plastic bags don't work, the melted plastic smells, little poos every where. It's just a damn mess.

  2. Number 12 made me laugh out loud.