Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Features of the Devil Prince's Escape-proof Isle

1. Surrounding waters filled to bursting w/host of giant jellyfish in perpetual feeding frenzy
2. Three-hundred foot vertical stone cliffs on all sides w/single heavily guarded cave harbor, surface accessible via many-leveled subterranean complex
3. Surface 100% defoliated: frequent applications made by undead anti-gardeners
4. Herds of scantily fed giant man-eating swine patrol the barren open grounds
5. Maximum security cell block directly beneath keep w/garrison of 150 trained sub-human warriors and command group of half-giants
6. Huge enclosure where prisoners construct colossal ebon step pyramid for an unknown purpose 
7. Current warden: ancient vampire sorcerer with impressive resume of atrocities
8. Slave drivers/guards: swine-mounted trolls with wickedly barbed tridents that they hurl with deadly accuracy and surprising range
9. Perimeter scanned 24/7 by elite squad of sorcerers specializing in spells of observation, vigilance and detection, from series of watch towers equipped w/pre-charged fireball launchers, lightning guns, cloudkill grenades, etc.
10. When the mood strikes, the devil prince strolls the grounds, pausing for a bit of sadism here and there
11. Perpetually anchored storm cloud casts gloom and erupts into showers of punishing hail and lightning upon command from the warden
12. Aquatic security chief: dragon turtle