Saturday, June 2, 2012

Downtime Activities: The Lich

1. Research and development: new and improved phylacteries
2. Psychologically tormenting inferior underlings
3. Reincarnating ancient high priest for consultation re: superior unholy rituals
4. Inhaling the poisonous vapors of N’kash
5. Heated psychic teleconference with highly opinionated demon prince
6. Restoring tissues in soothing protoplasmic bath
7. Reorganizing collection of skulls for optimum necromantic feng shui
8. Self-installation of fresh eyeballs and optic nerves
9. Fondling personal heap of golden riches while laughing maniacally
10. Job interviews with exceptionally evil chief of staff candidates
11. Impatiently awaiting delivery of eldritch artifact via homunculus package service
12. Contemplating suicidal end to futile existence…but only for a moment! Roll again

1 comment:

  1. Man, I hit #12 a lot. Thank goodness for the roll again rule.