Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Gonzo Class/Race Options

1. Repo man: sent by trans-cosmic order to secure artifacts for return to alternate dimensions, teleport at first level, comes with bag of holding and sidearm
2. Living vapor: damaged by magic, fire, must shelter from strong winds, etc., but otherwise invulnerable to standard physical attack, spell-like powers as MU, must interact w/physical objects by proxy, inscrutable
3. Reincarnate: deceased high level sorcerer takes over body of young ancestor, unable to memorize spells, but can cast from spell books/scrolls w/experience 
4. Moon man: luminous eyes as light spell at first level, additional moon powers w/experience, equipped with moon-metal weapons: maximum damage vs. lycanthropes, undead, moon creatures
5. Harpooner: nautical monster-hunter/big game specialist, expert at improvised anti-monster contraptions, Queequeg w/ broader experience
6. Half-ape: strength/agility bonus, intellectually negligible, 50% chance to forget about weapons in combat, easily rattled, frequent alcohol abuse
7. Transhuman: hyper-evolved, tall and bald w/extended fore brains, psychic, totally non-violent (not above instigating indirect violence, naturally)
8. Star explorer: marooned on D&D-type worlds, kit includes non-rechargeable ray gun, laser knife, food pellets, seeks means of interstellar travel/communication
9. Corruption: former high level MU/scientist reduced to level one abomination by experiment gone awry as in The Fly 
10. Feral human: expert at survival, improvised traps, sneak attacks, stealth, receptive language skills only, flees at the drop of a hat
11. Agent of Law: magic resistance starting at level one, charged by Prime Mover to hunt chaos, destroy the arcane, vulnerable to loss of sanity
12. Ooze man: native to distant star, pliable sack of protoplasm able to form body into useful shapes (keys, bludgeon, crowbar, etc.), very fond of humans who remind them of nano-cephalic hominoid servitors native to homeworld

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