Friday, June 8, 2012

Details For the Otherwise Empty Dungeon Room

1. Hundreds and hundreds of mouse-size holes of indeterminate depth
2. Walls composed of stone with dimly luminous veins of an unknown compound
3. Scything blade trap just inside the doorway, rusted in sprung position
4. Intricate mosaic spells out obscenities in ancient script
5. Blood trail leading to middle of wall (no secret door)
6. Gummy substance on top, bottom and sides of door: hermetically seals room when closed
7. Some settling has occurred: unusual pitch of floor, walls and ceiling creates optical illusion, seeming downgrade actually gentle incline
8. Sizable swarm of dungeon gnats forms into patterns that appear to be a repeating series of runes
9. Heap of funerary ashes w/unidentifiable bone fragments
10. Packet of extremely old hard tack: now really quite hard indeed
11. Mirrored ceiling, clean(er) spots where furniture used to be
12. All-out insect war in progress: huge colonies chewed into opposite walls, floor strewn with countless tiny casualties, sophisticated troop formations attempting to outflank one another


  1. I love the last one but a sprung trap is always good too, reminds the players to keep on their toes.

  2. Indeed. The gnats are a good one too; magic should be a physical presence that effects animals.

    I like sprung traps as well. Or traps that are no longer working correctly, but are still dangerous due to sheer decay, the whole mechanism comes crashing out of the ceiling on being sprung, say.

  3. And though the holes were rather small, they had to count them all . . .