Saturday, June 9, 2012

Available Means of Interplanetary Travel

1. Woven into the fur of the colossal Aether Bat
2. Temporary encystment in the mass of a migratory space ooze
3. Comet comes by highest mountain peak once daily, grappling hooks recommended
4. Surmount 7 miles of scaffolding, embark in solar dirigible
5. Series of timed teleports combined with globes of invulnerability: 50% chance of catastrophic error
6. Ride the lightning beam from atop the sorcerer's observatory: horseshoes forged of solid mercury required
7. Launched within padded projectile from trans-cosmic trebuchet
8. Demon-wing transplant: increases caloric requirements one hundred fold
9. Whisked off via yeti ascetics' polyhedron power
10. Disintegrated, broadcast upon arcane wave, reintegrated at destination via exceedingly costly sorcery
11. Carried by willing vampires
12. Fall upon the legendary blazing Sword of the Star Sojourner


  1. Wow. Every last one of these is genius and makes my own methods look miserably unimaginative. Excellent.

  2. Ditto... wanna use these in Spelljammer or Planescape...