Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gourmet Night at the Dragon's Cave: Guest List

1. Dune giant sultan, body guards, travel-size harem toting barrels of exceedingly rare spirits
2. Gaggle of big city idle rich thrill seekers going for the gusto w/their most outlandish binge ever
3. Sphinx w/mummy retainers: launches into ranging monologue, dragon can't get a word in edgewise
4. Dragon's black lotus connection & shabby entourage
5. Fire giant lord and lady: he's a physical disaster after too many years of conquest, she's a ferocious wrecking machine despite demure bearing 
6. Swarm of telepathic giant bats: dining on the ceiling
7. Impatient demon w/places to go humoring dragon for political expediency
8. Vassal ogre king and most of his extended family
9. Cabal of once-human sorcerers embracing their twisted natures
10. Pair of juvenile dragons from neighboring mountain range claiming to seek mentorship, actually casing the joint
11. Rival ancient dragon: after lifetime of territorial disputes w/host, celebrating anniversary of détente with verbal contest of wits
12. Last minute cancellations w/barely plausible excuses: a bitter dinner for one, looking for excuse to unleash pent-up frenzy of destruction

Notes: roll 1d4 times (ignoring other results if you roll a 12), guests wouldn't dream of popping in w/out suitable gifts

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