Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Humanoids Seem a bit Weird Today

1. Just been handed the pink slip: numbed and inattentive as they contemplate their next move
2. Experimental new humanoid chow turns out to have unanticipated psychotropic properties: urge to kill muted, beginning to think about settling down, perhaps taking up a craft or developing hobbies (of evil)
3. Just had a huge meal: bloated, drunk and sluggish
4. Wages slashed: howling with rage and thirsty for blood
5. Frenzy of grief and anomie following a firm "request denied" by their cruel deity
6. Wounded, divided and demoralized after rather violent internal squabble
7. Receipt of shocking news from spawning grounds leaves them confused, off their game
8. Virus going around that causes temporary insanity in most human-like species
9. Heavily ensorcelled to ensure robotic obedience
10. Scrawny, shagged out and partially stupefied by unreasonably long shifts and shoddy feed
11. Jumpy, paranoid, terror-stricken over dark master's newly promised and very specific penalties for failure
12. In stitches due to dead-on and highly satirical portrayal of dark master by a particularly talented member of the crew


  1. I love you and your blog unconditionally

  2. See, this is the sort of thing I'd actually like to see in monster manuals and game masters guides, so that referees get some concrete examples of not making encounters so repetitious and inane.