Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Dragon's Gourmet Night: Menu

1. Man-chowder w/bone meal toast points
2. Catoblepas surprise: kobold tribe baked inside
3. Gently killed warriors, lightly seared: served in their armor in various attack poses
4. Virgin pie
5. Flailsnails braised in pork fat w/bile reduction
6. Team of roast oxen yoked to wagon full of kraken ceviche
7. Soft boiled roc egg over man-hash
8. Unicorn medallions presented uncooked w/individual salt lick
9. Humanoid melange in exotic spices
10. Rustic ape stew
11. Megalodon & giant bivalve paella
12. Exceedingly fresh (live) giant beetle larvae tossed w/garlic in a light vinaigrette

1 comment:

  1. Great... now I'm hungry...

    Great list! Thanks for the laugh.