Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Campaign Paradigm Shifters

1. Solar eclipse lasts until moon god's lust for blood is satiated
2. Long prophesied messiah of the underclass manifests, sets plans in motion for world-wide peasant revolt
3. Hyper-evolved being arrives from future to teach humanity the arts of space travel
4. Imperial sorcerers announce breakthrough that promises to revolutionize transportation by harnessing the Tenser wave
5. Dinosaurs make another play at a comeback, this time aided by unknown race of nautiloids
6. Thor (or equivalent) smashes incoming asteroid in upper atmosphere: fragments rain down willy-nilly, cities must make saving throws
7. Demon prince reveals self and peers as interdimensional psychephagi ready to begin occupying surface territories and reducing humankind to the herd-beasts they were always meant to be
8. Ill-advised geomantic activities trigger sudden shift in tectonic plates, rearranging map: new mountain ranges crop up, great sundering rifts between formerly contiguous lands, coastal cities devastated by flood, etc.
9. Recent batches of human newborns show disturbing and rather abrupt new trends in evolutionary development: distended frontal lobes and protruding pineal glands among the most noticeable
10. Moldy grain sets off great monotheistic awakening, huge percentage of the population tripping out to the same hallucinations, heading speedily towards officially "Holy" evil empire
11. Nearest volcano erupts constant streams of fire monsters
12. Hurricane blows in, halts over capital city, razes it to ground and remains as permanent storm zone