Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost Indestructible: Villain Death Requirements

1. Must be immersed in sanctified wine for not less than 10 minutes
2. Head must be laterally bisected, each half encased in molten lead and shipped off to far corners of the world
3. Disembodied animus may escape to further vex humanity unless its mouth is sewn shut before death
4. Can only perish on a full moon, and then only by a moon-copper blade
5. Vulnerable to physical attack only when consumed by lust for a mortal
6. Must be struck with simultaneous blows from a virgin, a priest, a halfling and a thief
7. Can only be killed yesterday
8. Will only die by its own hand
9. Only vulnerable to weapons crafted of angel bones
10. Must willingly drink hemlock
11. Must be staked though each of its three hearts
12. Can only be scared to death


  1. I see last a bit of a problem: how do you scare an immortal? :)

  2. Thanks folks.
    Palin: it's a huge problem.

  3. So a celibate halfling priest who is siphoning church funds would work?